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RM1080 comes with adjustable thin shoulder strap.
RM1280 comes with both thick and thin shoulder strap

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Complimentary Detachable Alphabets
Custom Made Charms

* Alphabet 1:
* Alphabet 2:
* Two-tone Thick Strap:

Purity White

Materialipstick, this squarish design is made from leather and canvas for a sumptuous textural contrast. Inside compact interior you'll find a pouch of pocket for cards. Use the chic leather strap to wear it cross-body/sideways. 

Colour White
Size 13h x 22w x 12d cm
Strap Size 110cm
Material Genuine Leather / Canvas
Accessories Charms with Alphabets ( DIY your initials now!)
Dimension 29x29x15cm